White Widow x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

White Widow x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20 %
300-500 g/m2 indoor
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
50-60 days
Meditteranean temperature
Growing Difficulty
Woody and hash, sweet

Where To Buy White Widow x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

White Widow x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds Information

Greenbud Seeds developed a White Widow x Ak47 strain, which originated from AK47, White Widow. It resulted in an Indica-dominated strain that is known to be one of the greatest strains of intense mental and physical impact. Its floral style is dark and frosted with cream. It’s a real attraction for cannabis users because of its once-burning smell. It’s the ideal night-time herb for scientific and herbal use.

What are the Flavors and the Effects of White Widow x Ak47?

The result of the White Widow x Ak47 marijuana will exuberantly give an extremely high to the patient. It begins with eyes loaded and travels through the body, being sedated but able to instill more thought. She has a woody tattoo with a touch of hash, but also a sweet one, once smoked.

What are the medical benefits of White Widow x Ak47?

Due to its THC material, the primary objective of this strain is to promote sleep to help the person get insomnia. It is also used as a natural analgesic because it effectively numbs the body when it is heavy. If you are anyone prone to anxiety and depression, please take note of your dose, because it may make you feel anxious.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from White Widow x Ak47

She may have been a little too powerful for novice smokers – this weed is full of energy. Also, often you can have a mild headache if taken too much.

How to Grow White Widow x Ak47?

Like most Indica, this white widow x Ak47 version can grow in a medium-built environment, so even if it is grown indoors, it can be handled. Pruning and trimming are also important to avoid loss of absorption of light. Outdoor growth is often fine, with limited supervision.

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