Widow Scout Cookies

Widow Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
High, +25%
Flowering Period
65 to 70 days
Mediterranean-like outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Dank, diesel, skunky, with spicy undertones

Where To Buy Widow Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Widow Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds Information

Also commonly referred to as Wookie, this balanced hybrid is known for its endearing appearance of green and purple-hued buds that are coated with fiery orange hairs and white crystal trichomes. This strain is the result of combining the GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain with the Aloha White Widow strain. This aesthetically pleasing bud is created by Pua Mana.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Widow Scout Cookies?

The aroma from this strain is very dank and spicy with hints of earthiness. The flavor, on the other hand, is a strong combination of dank, diesel, and skunk, which is made even more pungent with a spicy exhale. By crossing two very potent strains, this weed will hit you with some incredibly powerful effects. At the onset, it will catapult you into a cerebral wave of happiness, euphoria, and psychoactive effects. Eventually, the sensation becomes relaxing as it reaches your core and your limbs. Soon, you will be washed over in waves of sleepiness that comes and goes until the end, where you will find yourself completely couch-locked.

What are the medicinal benefits of Widow Scout Cookies?

This is a great strain for treating a number of chronic pain and aches, including muscle tension, cramps, and inflammation. It is also a great stress-reliever, thanks to its relaxing properties, which can completely wash away any anxieties and worries and get you ready for a deep, fulfilling sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Widow Scout Cookies?

You might experience a slight increase in paranoia, panic, and nausea as the initial onset will send you soaring to new heights.

How to Grow Widow Scout Cookies?

This strain is great for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The breeders, however, suggest the SOG method when cultivating the strain indoors with either a hydro setup or a soil. When cultivated outside, it thrives best in a Mediterranean-like climate with lots of sunlight and humidity. It is important to steadily increase the nutrient concentrations with this weed to avoid overfeeding, especially during the first two weeks of its vegetative phase.

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