Witches Weed

Witches Weed Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
Growing Difficulty
Medium to Tall
Herbal, Honey, Sage, and Sweet

Where To Buy Witches Weed Marijuana Seeds

Witches Weed Marijuana Seeds Information

Witches Weed is another hybrid strain that is mainly Sativa and with a genetic ratio of 60% Sativa and 40%Indica. This hybrid is from the variation of Dutchgrown Seeds that is also THC dominant but cannot be acquired as feminized seeds. Also, this hybrid cannabis constitutes three of the world’s greatest selection of cannabis, namely SFV OG Kush, Chemdog D, and Cinderella 99. With this pollination, this offspring will send overwhelmingly impressive qualities that users would anticipate.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Witches Weed?

If you wish to use this cannabis, you better get ready for its virtuous magic – its taste is habit-forming as it has a sugary honey sage taste that has a strike of floral earth on it. With that, the high of this hybrid cannabis is just as remarkable as its taste because it has a deep uplifting feeling that fills in both the physical and mental state of the users. It also provides a tranquil relaxation and a state of happiness. Users will also sense a euphoric beginning that gushes through the head a few minutes after their last smoke. With this, users will be filled in with a state of real happiness. After a few minutes, the body of the users will begin to surrender to a relaxing prickle that soothes them to a sense of gentle couch-lock and an insignificant case of mastication.

What are the Medical Benefits of Witches Weed?

With the aid of its effects and a superbly high THC level of 29%, this hybrid cannabis also has efficacy in dealing with mental and physical health issues, which helps the therapeutic users of this cannabis. For instance, this cannabis is a good alternative in alleviating persistent pain due to the soothing effect that this ganja has. Those who have mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and long-term stress also seek help from this powerful cannabis. With the presence of its Sativa, happy and euphoric feelings, the sufferers of the said symptoms can mitigate them effortlessly because they will tend to alter their mood and mindset to a better one. This is also being said efficacious in handling fatigue.

Negative Effects You can expect from Witches Weed

Since this hybrid Sativa comes from three of the most powerful strains in the field of cannabis, it is also potent that cannabis users should not underrate because it can as well give them some negative effects, especially to those who are not used to smoking cannabis. When smoked, users should anticipate that they would have dry mouth and eyes because these reactions are always visible. Other than that, this can also let them encounter anxiety and little paranoia.

How to Grow Witches Weed?

Cultivating the plant of this hybrid cannabis is possible indoors and outdoors. Similar to its parents, this ganja thrives in well if placed in a sheltered growing environment as well as a surrounding where it can grasp plenty of sunshine. This may also be resistant to pests and molds. Indoors, this cannabis may take 60 days for the flowering phase and getting ready for enormous yields. Outdoors, this may be ready for harvest in October. Once all set, this cannabis will be ready for a high harvest.

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