X Kush

X-Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17 to 22%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks (indoors); late October (outdoors)
Warm and dry
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Lemon, and Skunk

Where To Buy X-Kush Marijuana Seeds

X-Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

X-Kush is a strain that is mainly Indica and was created by BlueStone Sanctuary. It is also THC dominant and was made by crossing two of the best strains in the market, Deep Chunk and Pine Tar Kush. Both of the parent strains are 100% Indica, but the former is recognized for its soothing and sleep persuading standards as well as make the body of the users hefty. The latter, on the other hand, is aptly called because of its flavors, tar-like sprouts. It is also somewhat strong. Through this pollination, X-Kush is sure to provide excellent uses to its users, both recreational and therapeutic.

What are the Flavors and Effects of X-Kush Strain?

Since its Indica dominates this ganja, it is suggested for an evening and nighttime use due to its high. For its recreational use, this cannabis is extremely relaxing and is considered as one of the greatest cannabis that can assure the users a chilled out cerebral condition on the mind that is mixed with a hefty body stone. Users of this ganja will experience the euphoria that continuous as they advance in their period. This cannabis may also let the body of the users feel snug and downy, enchanting the senses of the users and permits them to concentrate on their energy and positive behavior. Additionally, this Indica is heavy on the body of the users that can make them stoned and, in the end, make them feel sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of X-Kush?

A lot of therapeutic users of cannabis can also depend on this ganja because it can alleviate several diseases that can make them uneasy when not treated well. This ganja is advantageous in alleviating insomnia, especially the long-term issues because it helps the sufferers seek more favorable ways on how to sleep. This may also be efficacious in dealing with depression by letting the victims look the beauty in their lives. The sufferers of persistent pain may also take the benefits of this ganja, especially if it is taken regularly. Other medical uses of this strain may include palliating the issues of stress, loss of appetite, and nausea.

Negative Effects You can expect from X-Kush

Some of the consumers of this cannabis can encounter some negative effects due to its high THC level. Mostly, this ganja will give them dry mouth that may lead to coughing. In some scenarios, users will be dizzy and paranoid. With these, users, especially the new ones, are highly advised to consume this ganja moderately.

How to Grow X-Kush? Info and Tips

Growing this kind of cannabis does not need great experience because it is also applicable to new growers of strain as it is an easy strain to cultivate provided that it is given with sufficient warm and dry kind of climates that is far from frost. One of its parents is resistant to common illnesses and molds, so does this ganja. In growing this ganja, growers should have 8 to 9 weeks for indoor cultivation where it can give high yields after the said period. Additionally, for outdoor growing, this plant is available for crops in the middle of October and could probably supply higher yields per plant.

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