Xenu Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 23%
Medium to High
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Grape, Pine, and Chemical Sour

Where To Buy Xenu Marijuana Seeds

Xenu Marijuana Seeds Information

Xenu is a variation of Indica and Sativa that was created by Cult Classics Seeds. This hybrid ganja is THC dominant but cannot be acquired as feminized seeds. Also, this hybrid cannabis is connected to Alien OG, Blue Lotus, and Happy Silver that acted as the parents of this wonderful strain. With this blend, Xenu has gained a genetic ratio of 25%Sativa and 75%Indica.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Xenu Strain?

This hybrid ganja provides a replete-sweep high with tastes of grapes pops, pine, and chemical sour. As a result, this cannabis gives thrilled relaxation and chill but stays intelligible and optimistic in the same manner. This also allows users to give benefits to their physical and mental health. Users of this cannabis will be in a state of euphoria and happiness in the same manner. This is also the reason why they are uplifted but somehow idle at the same time. More so, users will be amazingly innovative when they consume this ganja.

What are the Medical Benefits of Xenu?

The evenly high of this cannabis has shown that this ganja is beneficial in the world of medical cannabis. With that, it can relax for those who have encountered long-term stress by uncoiling them and permits them to let go of the worries they have been feeling. This is also efficacious in dealing with other mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. By this, the victims of the said disorders will act and normally think in their every day living. This can also be successful in handling the problem with insomnia as it can give physical relaxation to the users, which is a good way to find a goodnight’s sleep. Another great advantage it could give to medical cannabis is its efficacy in dealing with the loss of appetite.

Negative Effects You can expect from Xenu

This ganja does not give several adverse reactions to its users, just like its parent strains. Mostly, users of this cannabis will have dry mouth and eyes since these conditions are common to all of the strains available in the market. Others may feel dizzy while some can have paranoia and headache. With these, it is suggested to consume this ganja moderately, especially the new users.

How to Grow Xenu? Info and Tips

Growing this kind of cannabis will give an average stature yet supplies medium to high yield during its harvest. Growers of this cannabis can attain this both indoors and outdoors. Develop the seeds of this cannabis plant and grow it to a beautiful one. In as fast as 60 days for the flowering period, this cannabis is ready for a good harvest. This ganja is good to cultivate because it is a great plant with high yield.

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