Y2K Purps

Y2K Purps Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 23%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
Growing Difficulty
Grape, Berry, and Sweet

Where To Buy Y2K Purps Marijuana Seeds

Y2K Purps Marijuana Seeds Information

Y2K Purps is a hybrid strain that is mainly Indica from the variation of Dirt Farmer. This hybrid from the said breeder is also THC dominant but cannot be acquired as feminized seeds. This cannabis is a great selection that comprises the Pre Y2K clones; only that is a variation of unknown genes. Pre Y2K develops with large resinous purple-colored sprouts with a hefty flowery aroma. Then this ganja was pollinated to Purple Tears. Through this pollination, the result was a strain has great purple pigmentation and was added with some grape on its taste.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Y2K Purps Strain?

Y2K Purps has a typical purple taste with strikes of sweet berries and grapes. With these flavors, recreational users of this cannabis would love toking this ganja because they have sense sweetness in this strain. To wit, this Indica dominant hybrid has relaxing depressant effects that are ideal to all users who require recoiling after a tiring day or at night. This can also make the users happy that can lift their spirits. As their spirits take to the air, their bodies will be in a gentle, prickling physical high that deserts them completely relaxed and extremely hungry. This condition instantly turns tranquilizing that sometimes end up falling asleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Y2K Purps?

Considering that this ganja is from the Purple Tears, it also provides excellent benefits when it comes to therapeutic uses. As such, this hybrid Indica dominant strain is also efficacious in dealing with insomnia due to its tranquilizing and relaxing effects that can make the users sleepy. This is also good for those who have depression, as this cannabis can highly make the users happy. Muscle cramps, headaches, and migraines could also be mitigated using the power of this ganja because of the relaxation it provides. The loss of appetites could also be palliated since it can make the users hungry.

Negative Effects You can expect from Y2K Purps

Toking this kind of cannabis can also have negative effects on its users, just like the other strains available today. To name a few, this ganja can give dryness to the eyes and mouth of the users since these conditions are present to all of the cannabis outside. Other side effects may include paranoia, anxiousness, and dizziness, but these conditions are not certain or rare only.

How to Grow Y2K Purps? Info and Tips

Growing Y2K is not that difficult or easy as it can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, just like most of the ganja. In growing this strain, cultivators need to spare 60 days for the flowering stage as well as the preparation phase of this cannabis. Some techniques in growing could also be applied so that this ganja can achieve the number of its target yield that can be anticipated as high.

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