Yemen Girl

Yemen Girl Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
60 days
Growing Difficulty
Flowery, Herbal, and Sweet

Where To Buy Yemen Girl Marijuana Seeds

Yemen Girl Marijuana Seeds Information

Yemen Girl is another well-balanced hybrid strain that was created by Deluxe Seeds. This evenly balanced ganja is also THC dominant and can be acquired as feminized seeds. This feminized strain was the result of the breeding of an Indica cultivar that was selected in Yemen and Deluxe Seeds’ potent Fast Mada. With this pollination, the breeder was able to have a typical sprout that is covered with a full physical high, which is ideal for any hybrid aficionados who value an amazing taste as well.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Yemen Girl?

The sprout of this cannabis has a sugary flowery taste with strikes of brand new herbs and grass. Since it has an excellent flavor, this ganja can also provide great effects to its users. The high of this feminized hybrid strain has a great gentle build that engulfs itself to the head of the users, thumping at the back of eyes before capturing ahold in the mind of the users. Users will then feel that they are lifted and euphoric with a feeling of real happiness that instantly gets rid of any negative and throbbing notions, abandoning their minds sensing completely at serenity. As their cerebral state lifts, their physical shape will begin to go down into an in-depth relaxing state that can desert them gently tranquilized as well as locked on their couches if they are not cautious in using this cannabis.

What are the Medical Benefits of Yemen Girl?

Considering that this cannabis has great effects that can last long and high THC level that ranges from 26 to 27%, This feminized hybrid ganja is sometimes selected to alleviate several conditions that therapeutic users of cannabis have been facing. With that, those who have been struggling with depression can now think normally because this ganja can help them erase the worries they have with the help of its euphoric feeling. Persistent stress could also be palliated by this strain as it can uplift the spirit of the users. The sign of nausea can also be lessened when those who have undergone chemical treatments utilize this ganja. This cannabis can also assuage long-term fatigue, migraines, and headaches as it can calm their nerves and help them relax.

Negative Effects You can expect from Yemen Girl

With the vigor it has, users of this feminized hybrid strain should not neglect that it can also provide some negative effects on them. For instance, dry eyes and mouth are also there as these conditions are always present in all of the cannabis, whether it is pure or hybrid. Others may also encounter dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety, especially if too much dosage of this cannabis was done.

How to Grow Yemen Girl? Info and Tips

Cultivating this ganja is plausible both indoors and outdoors, just like all of the strain we have. This cannabis has short plants yet gigantic in production as it can especially adjust to the SOG method. When grown outdoors, this cannabis can cover up well in its surrounding, which is enhanced for guerilla growers. However, it can be delicate to mildew if it is grown in a place where humidity is rampant. Growers of this ganja should give it 60 days for the flowering period so that it can pay them off with massive production.

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