Yeyo Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 to 29%
Flowering Period
65 days
Growing Difficulty
Medium to Tall
Sweet, Woody, and Pine

Where To Buy Yeyo Marijuana Seeds

Yeyo Marijuana Seeds Information

Yeyo blends the genes of Indica and Sativa on its own that was created by Ronin Garden. This hybrid cannabis is also THC dominant and can be acquired as feminized seeds. In creating this hybrid ganja, the maker used Zapotec from NorStar Genetics and pollinated it to The White S1. The former was originated from California and said to be great in its medical possessions because of its breeder’s reputation. The latter, on the other hand, was also recognized because of the potency it has provided to the body and mind of its consumers. Through this collaboration, it is being recorded that Yeyo is another powerful ganja that can serve lots of users in the world of cannabis.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Yeyo?

This hybrid cannabis has sweet-sounding and tempting flavors that users would probably agree with. With this, they may still see that these flavors are very pleasant, just like the effects it has. However, the parents of this ganja are potent, and because of that, Yeyo may also be the same, which is why it is not suggested to the new users of cannabis. It may give a quick numbing mental high that could clear the mind of the users while still keeping it agile. The Indica it has may provide a soothing effect throughout the body but will not desert the users in a state of lethargy. This can also give great happiness to the users through the power of its uplifting effect. If consumed too much, it may let someone fall asleep due to the potency it has, and with that, it is best to use this ganja at night.

What are the Medical Benefits of Yeyo?

As a powerful hybrid strain, Yeyo can also supply lots of advantages in terms of medical cannabis. Just like its parents, this hybrid strain is also great at alleviating stress and anxieties. Depression can also be lessened with the power of this strain as it can help the users focus on happy notions in life. This is also great at palliating nausea and loss of appetite, which is common for those who have undergone some treatments. Long-standing pain can also be mitigated with the help of this cannabis. If consumed beyond the tolerance level, those who have problems sleeping at night or the insomniacs can now sleep well effortlessly and deeply because it can help them seek a great step in having a goodnight’s sleep.

Negative Effects You can expect from Yeyo

Yeyo is just similar to all of the ganja available in the market, especially when it comes to its adverse reactions. For example, it can also give dryness in the eyes and mouth of its users as these two are always there. Users who have a low tolerance level or even the new users of cannabis can encounter dizziness, especially if this ganja is consumed too much. In some cases, a feeling of paranoia could also be experienced. However, these negative feelings will be avoided if this ganja is taken moderately.

How to Grow Yeyo? Info and Tips

Yeyo is also plausible to grow in lots of growing environments like indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse. Growers who opt to have this ganja can choose which of the locations they prefer as this strain can prosper well in a different location. However, early training can also be applied in this strain, as it can grow taller. Some growing methods could also be used to help this cannabis thrive in well during its growing cycle. To achieve its high yield, growers need to give it 65 days for the flowering stage as well as for the preparation period.

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