YvorY Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
50 days
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, Lemon, and Woody

Where To Buy YvorY Marijuana Seeds

YvorY Marijuana Seeds Information

YvorY is a hybrid strain that is mainly Sativa from the variation of Frantischeck. Though this is a hybrid strain, YvorY is only a clone strain. It is also being said that this hybrid ganja is the cross of Jack Herer and a selection strain from Nepal. With this genealogy, it can be considered that YvorY is another vigorous strain that Sativa lovers would find pleasurable.

What are the Flavors and Effects of YvorY?

Considering that this cannabis is from two of the well-known cannabis in the market, it also inherits some of their appetizing flavors like lemon, woody, and with a touch of the earth. For its effects, it may make a bright and happy high to its users. This can also be uplifting where users may see themselves centered and relaxed after having some of this ganja. Having a good source of energy could also be possible in this cannabis, which can give the users some great time. Since it is more on its Sativa, having a couch-lock is not possible in this strain. However, it still varies on the amount of consumption that users take. The users of this clone cannabis can also feel being euphoric.

What are the Medical Benefits of YvorY?

The parents of this ganja are recognized for their big contributions to the world of medical cannabis. Surely, this clone will not fail its parents in providing great advantages in terms of medicine. This hybrid ganja may also be good at palliating stress illnesses and anxieties. Since it can also prompt happiness, this may also have efficacy in dealing with depressed individuals. Also, with the energy it provides, this may be a good option in mitigating long-term fatigue as well as pains. This can also be utilized in alleviating persistent headaches and migraines.

Negative Effects You can expect from YvorY

Similar to other strains, one of the adverse effects that can be felt upon taking this cannabis is the feeling of dry mouth, which is sometimes adjoined by dry eyes. It may also provide anxiety and paranoia in some situations. Dizziness may also be present in this clone, especially to those who are not accustomed to taking powerful cannabis.

How to Grow YvorY?

In cultivating this clone cannabis, growers can only have it indoors as what the records said. But considering that this is from the genes of Jack Herer and Nepali Selection, it may also thrive in if grown outdoors. To do so, cultivators need to make sure that they have a good growing environment as well as the needed type of climate. Since both of its parents are resistant to molds and pests, this offspring may also be the same. Grow this ganja indoors, and growers need to spend 50 days for the flowering cycle. For outdoors, this can be ready in late September to early October. Both of its parents are generous when it comes to yields, pretty sure that this new cannabis is also good to its growers during harvest.

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