Z6 min

Z6 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
10% to 15%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
Up to 8 weeks
Warm outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Citrus, skunky, and sweet

Where To Buy Z6 Marijuana Seeds

Z6 Marijuana Seeds Information

Created by combining the powerful genetics of the Resin Cannatonic strain with the Mr. Nice Afghan x Skunk strain, the breeders at CBD Crew was able to create this rare but highly medicinal weed. For the cannabis medical community, this strain is a must-try due to its high CBD concentration, reaching up to 10%. The buds are densely packed together and have a spear-like shape. They are very eye-catching with their dark olive green colors accentuated with purple undertones, bright orange pistils, frosty purple crystal trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Z6?

This weed has a sour citrusy flavor combined with a skunky yet sweet exhale. It offers a pungent aroma that has skunky and earthy overtones. With CBD levels reaching up to 10%, this strain is highly medicinal in nature. The recreational high is pretty mild, but it can still uplift you into a giddy, euphoric state. Any negative mood or thoughts will be pushed aside instantly, and you will feel nothing else but pure bliss. A sense of body relaxation will fill you soon after this elevating cerebral sensation. You will be lulled into a state of pure calm but not into a state of sedation.

What are the medicinal benefits of Z6?

This strain is perfect for marijuana patients struggling with conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, chronic physical pains and aches, nausea, and many more.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Z6?

Dry eyes and dry mouth should be expected when consuming this strain.

How to Grow Z6?

This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. For indoor growers, this plant needs space to breathe and requires regular pruning during its vegetative state. These processes will ensure that airflow is promoted to help the plant reach its full potential. In addition, the plant does well in a hydroponic set up where it can get the needed nutrients. When cultivated outdoors, it requires a warm climate. Try to keep the temperature stable within 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure to monitor the climate closely. High humidity will cause problems with molds.

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