Zamal CBD min 1

Zamal CBD Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
Up to 12 weeks
Subtropical outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Fruity, lemon, mango, tropical fruits

Where To Buy Zamal CBD Marijuana Seeds

Zamal CBD Marijuana Seeds Information

As the name suggests, this strain is a high-CBD version of the vigorous Zamal Sativa strain. It is produced by the breeders at Underground Seeds by Zamal landrace with an unknown CBD-rich strain. The result is this hybrid with very interesting effects, which are highly medicinal.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Zamal CBD?

The vigorous Sativa strain develops elongated buds with typical Zamal flavors that are likened to tropical fruits, like lemons and mangoes. Due to its similar THC-CBD contents, this strain offers a perfect mind and body buzz that is stimulating, invigorating, and relaxing. The mental buzz is an uplift euphoria that will open you to a world of creativity, mental sharpness, and pure bliss. You will enjoy mundane tasks, difficult problem-solving activities, without any feelings of stress and tension. At the same time, your body will feel most relaxed as the strain’s CBD properties work through your muscles, smoothing out any knots and tremors.

What are the medicinal benefits of Zamal CBD?

This weed has extensive medicinal benefits and can treat depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, mood swings, arthritis, glaucoma, and many others.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Zamal CBD?

The initial head rush might come as too overpowering to individuals with low tolerance levels and may cause a slight elevation in panic and anxiety.

How to Grow Zamal CBD?

Growing this strain is easy as it can be cultivated outdoors and indoors, despite its tall growth. It responds well to training, which means that indoor gardeners can easily manage the plant’s height to fit indoor growing spaces. During its 12 weeks of the flowering period, the plant will grow top-heavy buds that may prove to be too much for the lanky colas. It is important to provide support to these colas to avoid breakage and to ensure that the plants reach full maturity. For outdoor growth, the plant will thrive best in a subtropical climate with lots of sunlight.

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