Zkittlez Auto min

Zkittlez Auto Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Very High
13 ounces per sq. meter (indoor) 17 ounces or more per plant (outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 – 9 weeks
Warm and Dry
Growing Difficulty
70 – 100 cm
Sweet and Fruity

Where To Buy Zkittlez Auto Marijuana Seeds

Zkittlez Auto Marijuana Seeds Information

Zkittlez Auto is an auto-flowering strain, which is ruderalis / indica / sativa type of weed. This cannabis is from FastBuds. It is from the matched between Zkittlez and the unknown Ruderalis. This plant will produce the main branch that is long. You will also expect to get many crops. It does well in providing medical benefits, but there would be side effects as well.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Zkittlez Auto?

You will be satisfied with this weed’s sweet and fruity flavors. It offers its users relaxing aftermath. Users will feel calmer after taking this cannabis.

What are the medical benefits of Zkittlez Auto?

The medical benefits that this strain offers consist of relieving chronic pain and reducing stress. Apart from what was stated, it will also reduce nausea, and it will help you in gaining appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Zkittlez Auto

You should not worry if you will experience getting dry eyes and mouth. You will likely feel dizziness and paranoid. Uncomfortable side effects will occur after you consume this weed with its above normal dosage.

How to Grow Zkittlez Auto?

You can grow this weed indoor wherein you need to use a filter. You can apply organic fertilizers because this weed would like to be supplied with fertilizers. You need to water your plants, too. Aside from growing this indoors, you can also grow this outdoors. If you are able to do the following basic steps, you will get good yields.

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