Zombie Kush

Zombie Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Dry Warm
Growing Difficulty
Spicy and Earthy

Where To Buy Zombie Kush Marijuana Seeds

Zombie Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

Zombie Kush cannabis strain is from the Ripper Seeds which originates from two distinctive Kush hereditary qualities, bringing about tints of purple installed inside its trichome-loaded foliage. This was made by crossing Amnesia and Lavender Kush with Bubba Kush. This won the 1st place in the year 2017’s contest which is the Napoli Secret Cup under the category of Best Extract. Additionally, it also won the 1st place in the year 2016’s UCLA Cup. Coordination of gritty aroma along with fruity fragrance this strain will display. This bud has buds in grape size, green nugs, golden hairs, and crystal trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Zombie Kush?

You will be bolted by the hints of spiciness and earthy tones once you take this strain. You will be experiencing a hit on your body that will sedate or will put you in drowsiness. Elation will happen in the mind and you will be found in the hazy state which at the same time triggers your idea. The loosening impact will then happen and it will build up euphoria. You will feel an ecstasy that will blur your mind and will induce you a long rest.

What are the Medical Benefits of Zombie Kush?

You will be free from any torment or pain as soon as you will take this cannabis strain. Zombie Kush marijuana strain will serene your thoughts and make you feel better. It will soon cure your stress, anxiousness, and depressing situations. The squandering feelings you felt after chemotherapy will be signed out and you will fall more on taking more munchies. This will guarantee you to stop physical pains like spasms, fatigues, and inflammation. You will likewise discover a new world as this helps you to dream more or this eases insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Zombie Kush

If you take this cannabis stain in a serious matter, you will minimally feel parchedness. It will come in the form of dry mouth and dry eyes. Sometimes, it can also be situated as irritated eyes or redness of the eyes. However, the negative effects like headaches, anxiety, and dizziness will happen when you maximize your dosage. Therefore, you must stay within your tolerance level to avoid this at some point.

How to Grow Zombie Kush?

Growing this strain can be indoors or outdoors. You can also cultivate this in a greenhouse. You must satisfy this strain with the growing elements like more nutrients and the best care. The contents for more nutrients must be organic as to not infuse or raise some chemically inclined fertilizers as it may burn the plant. Adjust the humidity level and the color scheme when you are using LED lights to keep track of the flowering stage. Invest this in places with no molds, diseases, and pests that can penetrate.

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