Zombie OG

Zombie OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
9 weeks or more
Mediterranean and Semi-humid
Growing Difficulty
Pine, Fruity, Chemical, and Diesel

Where To Buy Zombie OG Marijuana Seeds

Zombie OG Marijuana Seeds Information

The crossing of Blackberry and OG Kush resulted in this substantial and torpid cannabis strain. This was named Zombies OG as this infuses impacts in a lethargic state which you will make you feel like a zombie. It asks more of your body like a frozen corpse as you will be hit firmly of this. The buds are so resinous and come in green colors and the trichomes will be in white hues.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Zombie OG?

You will be feeling a chemical hint along with the pine, fruity, and diesel undertones which you can found on this cannabis strain’s flavor. The first hit will begin in elating the euphoria which will overwhelm your brain that leaves you social, cheerful, and very giggly. It also has a hard impact that will hit your body in profound rest. But before that, it will trigger your ideas more and create new thoughts out of inventiveness. Your thoughts will be freed out and a tingly sensation will then happen. You will feel the buzz around your stomach and prompts hunger.

What are the Medical Benefits of Zombie OG?

This strain has sedative properties that will help you in easing stress and depression. It will then invigorate your mind in pleasing notes which is also one of the best remedies for mood or bipolar disorders. Your pains will be assisted and it will be healed. This will then soothe muscle pains, cramps, and fatigue. Soon, the pain will be diminished and you will be in a more happy state. It will likewise help in reliving inflammations as this has the best anti-inflammatory properties. Your nausea will be quiet down and this will boost your appetite. Prepare some snacks before taking this and also your bed if you take this at night at this will easily send you to sleep; which then cure your insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Zombie OG

The negative effects like dryness of the mouth and eyes will occur once you take Zombie OG cannabis strain. And those effects can be solved by taking more water or using some eye drops. When you utilize this on excessive measures, you will be acquainted with the feeling of dizziness and headache. A slight case of anxiety will likely to happen when you go beyond your tolerance level.

How to Grow Zombie OG?

In an indoor or outdoor place, this strain can be grown. You can cultivate this by using the hydroponics method which will result in more yield and will shorten the flowering stage. Infuse this with lots of nutrients and the best medium to use is soil or coconut. Do not place this in too humid temperature as this will restrain the strain’s growth. The best temperature to keep this is on the Mediterranean-like climate.

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