Burmese Headband

Burmese Headband Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14 to 23%
Medium to Heavy
Flowering Period
8 to 8.5 weeks
Dry and warm
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Earthy, Fuel, Exotic

Where To Buy Burmese Headband Marijuana Seeds

Burmese Headband Marijuana Seeds Information

Cabin Fever Seed has created this variety that excels in its medicinal properties as it has many medical benefits. It is the blend coming from Burmese Kush and Loompas Headband as its parents.

It still has a body high effect while working well medicinally. They are also in good quality that is nice to see with its green color on an attractive darkest side. You will have a strong and healthy plant that can stretch. It will reward you with white and shining leaves and pistils.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Burmese Headband?

You can have a flavor that includes earthy, fuel, exotic, and sweet taste. This also allows you to relax without being barred from physical activity though you cannot be able to do strong physical work. Relaxed and get refreshed with this variety while medicating effectively for the medical benefits listed below. You will be able to get some strength to be able to accomplish something when the effect wears off.

What are the Medical Benefits Of Burmese Headband?

You can have help for the relief from migraines, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, it brings a strong, positive effect and mood swings. 

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Burmese Headband 

You can easily experience the common side effects that include having a head ache, dry mouth, anxiety, nausea, sleepiness or dizziness. No need to worry as they are common and they also disappear with the expiration of the marijuana effect.

How to Grow Burmese Headband? 

Take care of your plants by providing the needed nutrients and check the correct pH level. You can plant directly on soil or use the other methods to grow this variety.

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