Critical Skunk

Critical Skunk

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14 to 19 oz. / ft2
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Strain Information

Branded to comprise an ancestry on equal amounts of CBD with a balanced property of THC from its parent strains, Critical Skunk has been created. It has a whopping amount of potency that is visible on its thick resin trichomes, which were said to come from the Skunk Haze and OG Kush strains. Most of its users are those who wanted to enjoy their day just like spending their morning sunrise beside the beautiful by the beach vibe.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Skunk?

The cannabis market has cherished the strain as a ‘heaven-weed’ due to its citrus grapefruit & apple flavor with a coffee lavender scent. It begins with relaxation from the head down the body and to the legs. Also, it leaves a euphoric and creative state after consummation.

What are the medical benefits of Critical Skunk?          

If you puff the weed during the morning, it can help you fight headaches from pollution and stress brought by the external environment to your own comfort. It is known to be medically relevant as a natural treatment to fight stressful muscles from shear pain due to work.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critical Skunk

The negative effects of the strain are inclusive of an emptied stomach after the effect. You also need to drink lots of water since it will leave the throat dry afterward.

How to Grow Critical Skunk? 

If you are outside Asia and if you wish to grow the strain, there will be some times that the soil will be dry. This will only be the time to add more water directed to the soil itself. Make sure to apply bloom boosters to make sure that it grows well even if it is cold.