12lb Hammer

12lb Hammer Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
327 grams per square meter
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Warm Climate
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, pungent, sweet

Where To Buy 12lb Hammer Marijuana Seeds

12lb Hammer Marijuana Seeds Information

12 lb Hammer is a sativa-leaning hybrid developed by Exclusive Seeds masters. This crop is short and thick, it can grow indoors and outdoors, and it is ideal for pain relief. The dark green leaves are spade-shaped and covered with crystals that are frosted and light purple. The nugs are a darker green with long dark orange fur and even more snow. For early morning use, 12 lb Hammer strain is highly suggested.

What are the flavors and effects of 12lb Hammer?

The flavors of 12lb Hammer are earthy, pungent, and sweet. The 12lb Hammer works quickly, as effects are felt instantly even after the consumer’s first contact. People have reported experiencing a sensation that lifts their mood and surges their energy and creativity. Ultimately, the mind of the user becomes hazy, and their body is knocked down until it is fully relaxed. The client then feels tired after a while.

What are the medical benefits of 12lb Hammer?

It could provide users with relief from stress and anxiety due to the euphoria that can be felt shortly after taking in 12lb Hammer. The relaxing feeling of using this strain can also help alleviate pain and relieve stiffness in the musculature.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from 12lb Hammer

Upon taking 12lb Hammer, dry eyes and mouth are usually encountered. Consumers also claim to feel dizzy or nervous, although not always experienced in these situations.

How to Grow 12lb Hammer?

Because of this strain’s size, having sufficient space is a big concern to grow it. This might also mean that as it develops, the grower will have to move the crops to a larger pot. Each crop of this strain is also collected multiple times, but this is not friendly to new growers.

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