White Wombat Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
3 to 6 oz per square feet
Flowering Period
7 to 9 weeks
Temperate outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
up to 1.5 meters tall
Sweet and haze

Where To Buy White Wombat Marijuana Seeds

White Wombat Marijuana Seeds Information

The White Wombat is an evenly balanced hybrid created by Koala Seeds. It produces large buds that are round, solid, and densely clustered together, resulting in a great production weight and maximum yield. The origins of this strain are not disclosed by the breeders.

What are the Flavor and Effects of White Wombat?

The taste of these resin-filled buds is sweet, with hints of haze. With very high THC concentration, the high is very potent and psychoactive. It provides a perfectly balanced high that offers an uplifting cerebral buzz and a relaxing body sensation. The effects start almost immediately and hit you with an influx of inspiration, energy, and focus on the tasks lined up for the day. It promotes giggles and chattiness, which is great for a social activity with friends. On the comedown, you will feel the Indica properties take over, and you will be lulled into a calm state but not to a couch-lock. You will feel more at ease and stress-free as you spend the rest of the night chilling with good friends.

What are the medicinal benefits of White Wombat?

This strain is great for most cannabis patients as it can relieve a number of ailments. This includes stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, mood swings, muscle spasms, back pains, arthritis, eating disorders, and many more.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Wombat?

When consumed in high doses, this strain can cause couch-lock. Like any marijuana strains, bloodshot eyes and dry mouth are also common side effects with this highly potent weed.

How to Grow White Wombat?

This plant grows to a midsize height of up to 1.5 meters tall. This strain can grow indoors, in greenhouses, and outdoors. Many experienced growers utilize canopy-management techniques such as using a trellis in order to maximize yield. Regular topping is also required to promote the growth of the lower branches and enable the plant to reach full maturity.

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