Abula Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 17%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
9 Weeks to 10 Weeks
Warm and Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
Berries Strawberries and Diesel 

Where To Buy Abula Marijuana Seeds

Abula Marijuana Seeds Information

Abula marijuana strain of Pacific NW Roots is a Sativa leaning hybrid cannabis.  This plant gives heavy rich tones, with purples and reds streaks around the nugsarea; it looks very dreamy and tantalizing to the eyes. The crossbreeding of the Strawberry Diesel and AlienKush F2 cannabis resulted into a looking more like a firework type of strain.  Abula will give you a balanced feeling suitable for morning or evening use. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Abula? 

Abula also has a reminiscent flavor from the sweetness of cherries and strawberries combined with the spiciness of the fuel that lingers very linger for a long time. This strain is well known to have a sky-high effect keeping you in a balance between relaxed and focused. This can also induce a lot about being sociable, overflowing of ideas and in a very great mood. Use this cannabis when you need a little push to go about your day or you need a back up to give you more energy. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Abula?

Abula can improve your appetite and keep you on eating habits. It can also reduce pain coming from arthritis, headache, migraines, PMS and most of all, treating depression 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Abula? 

Negative side effects that possibly happen are the slight anxiety and a not so severe drying of the mouth.

How to Grow Abula? 

Abula should constantly be trimmed especially if it starts to grow, for this can go out of hand for it can grow massively. Train this plant by doing the Screen of Green, in this way, trimming and pruning and other maintenance will be much easier and accessible. 

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