Adagio Marijuana Seeds

Adagio Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 10 weeks
Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
Tropical fruits, Gas, Diesel and Sweet

Where To Buy Adagio Marijuana Seeds

Adagio Marijuana Seeds Information

Adagio is a 100% pure and organic strain. This strain was created by Gage Green Genetics, they combined the Triumphant and the very known, “King George” Aloha Grape Stomper. The aromas to enjoy are the fruity scents with diesel. This perfect strain is best to have when you want to accomplish everything and be at ease for the whole time. Adagio means a slow tempo thus means to get someone slow and induce a soothing cerebral high.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Adagio?

Definite fruity flavors on your palate with a slight hint of diesel will be tasted. A euphoric high will be followed by uplifting effects keeping you still in focus despite its effects. Your body will feel a chill that tingles on your body as your mind is rushed with many ideas and soaring with creativity. Mellowing down will push down to a more soothing meditating impact.

What are the medical benefits of Adagio?

If you have been suffering for a long time with migraines then you should try this strain. It also aids in depression, stress reduction, pain-relieving and reducing symptoms from PTSD, ADD/AHD and the PMS for women.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Adagio?

There will be slight negative effects of this strain including headaches and dizziness. You may also feel drying of the eyes and mouth, and most of all, very lazy and lethargic after.

How to Grow Adagio?

This might be a little difficult to handle but the best way to manage the Adagio is to keep this strain for indoor planting, where everything will be controlled by buttons, controllable lighting, temperature and most of all ventilation to avoid the risk of molds. However, it won’t be possible without basic pruning.

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