Af Pak x Bubbleberry

Af-Pak x Bubbleberry Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
21% to 22%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 to 10 weeks
Warm and Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
6 feet to 8 feet
Sweet Tropical Blueberry Lemon and Spice

Where To Buy Af-Pak x Bubbleberry Marijuana Seeds

Af-Pak x Bubbleberry Marijuana Seeds Information

The Af-Pak x Bubbleberry is a boasting crossbreed of the Af-Pak with Bubbleberry that leans more on the indica side. This cannabis strain was the creation of the Heritage Seeds. This combination turned out very great, with the amazing aroma of fruity and sweet scent that will give higher when it comes to yield.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Af-Pak x Bubbleberry?

This sweet blueberry fruity flavor with a combination of spice and lemon taste will be much enjoyed with a very happy and euphoric state. It can also be providing too much in a very creative manner because of the focus that it can give when high settles in. AS it mellows down, you will be a little relaxed but not totally lazy.

What are the medical benefits of Af-Pak x Bubbleberry?

Af-Pak x Bubbleberry can very well help people suffering from stress and depression., Lowers fatigue and tension around the body. This strain can also help with higher anxiety levels especially getting very restless due to problems.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Af-Pak x Bubbleberry?

Using the Af-Pak x Bubbleberry can cause negative effects such as paranoia and dizziness and slightly feeling queasy. Some instances can cause drying of the mouth and the same with eyes that dry because of too much THC level.

How to Grow Af-Pak x Bubbleberry?

Af-Pak x Bubbleberry can be grown indoors and outdoor. But, if you want to have a better yield without too much worry try this in an indoor setup. Training your Af-Pak x Bubbleberry on the screen of green will be very helpful in terms of maintaining. Aside from all that method, this method can help a lot of pruning and trim with no hassles. This can be best partnered with stress-relieving training for the plants and don’t forget to nurture it with the right nutrients.

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