Af Pak

Af-Pak Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 22%
Low to Medium
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 to 10 weeks
Warm and Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
Medium to Tall
Sweet Lemon Pine and Spicy

Where To Buy Af-Pak Marijuana Seeds

Af-Pak Marijuana Seeds Information

Af-Pak cannabis strain is a crossbreed between Afghanistan and Pakistani landrace. This reasonably strong kush got its name from Afghani-Pakistani parents. Nugs are solid and wrapped in yellowish trichomes with light tan streaks.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Af-Pak?

AS pleasing as the effects, this strain boasts a delightfully sweet flavor of lemon combined with pine and hints of spicy tastes mixed with ripened berries. Af-Pak cannabis strain allows euphoric body high and a pleasant and smooth head high that obliterates worries. This marijuana can make you feel more uplifted and happy. Af-Pak is comforting especially if you badly needed ideas to present, but not overpowering makes it good for cannabis to use for evening recreational purposes.

What are the medical benefits of Af-Pak?

Af-Pak can manage anxiety, lower stress level, appetite suppression, reducing asthma, muscle or nerve concerns, and muscle contractions. If you’re having difficulty with digestion or eating, this will bring on appetite and reverse your symptoms.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Af-Pak?

The Af-Pak’s adverse effects are feeling very lazy and lethargic as well. It can cause drying of both mouth and eyes, which can lead to puffiness due to higher THC, eye pressure will likely happen sometimes joined with irritation that can result in redness.

How to Grow Af-Pak?

The essential demands should be provided to Af-Pak, like for instance healthy soil, water, and nutrients. Mulches can be natural or artificial, but most growers would preferably practice organic to make sure that fresh growing buds won’t be influenced by its harsh chemicals, causing it to wilt or be stressed.

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