Afghan Delight

Afghan Delight Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
8% to 9%
340 grams per square meter
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
7 - 9 weeks
Cool to warm
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, grape, spicy, herbal, creamy

Where To Buy Afghan Delight Marijuana Seeds

Afghan Delight Marijuana Seeds Information

Soma has bred the Afghan Delight strain of medical marijuana to bring Indica-dominant pleasures to your world. Afghan Delight displays the highest levels of genuine Afghanistani features of all strains internationally. Her powerful blend of Afghani Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian makes her a lady who smokes nice at night, tastes pleasing, and tends to make your brain capable of dealing with the day’s pressures. She packs excellence in just enough Sativa to keep things vibrant and interesting, with enough Indica to chase your brain into a relaxation tunnel!

What are the flavors and effects of Afghan Delight?

The flavors of Afghan Delight are sweet, grape, spicy, herbal, and creamy. The beginning is characterized by an elevating head high that can take away the day’s negative aspects easily. It also encourages clarity of mind in addition to improving mood. It also helps people to concentrate on tasks and brainstorm new ideas.

What are the medical benefits of Afghan Delight?

By elevating users, the moderate therapeutic high helps fight against depression and stress. Yes, its mood-enhancing capacity may be beneficial to those with and related diseases. As a pain reliever, it may provide comfort from muscle pain and body aches with its anti-inflammatory traits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afghan Delight

Afghan Delight’s known adverse effect is that it can leave the throat dry. The ears, too, in some cases. With the use of cannabis, these effects are not serious and are expected. Other symptoms, including dizziness or headaches, can occur.

How to Grow Afghan Delight?

The Afghani landrace choice is a genius in the development of this hybrid. It is, after all, a robust plant that can be highly adapted to cold weather. In theory, it should withstand rapid changes in temperature. It should also endure small errors by growers here and there. The Afghani CBD is regrettably not available for home growers.

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