Afghan H A

Afghan H.A. Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% To 20%
Flowering Period
58-70 Days
Warm, Sunny
Growing Difficulty
Fruit, Spicy, Earthy, Sour, Pine

Where To Buy Afghan H.A. Marijuana Seeds

Afghan H.A. Marijuana Seeds Information

Afghan H.A. is a pure indica strain created by Rare Dankness. The cross was from the strain, Hells Angel OG and Afghani #1 IBL strain. It is considered the highest yielding crossbreed of Afghani landrace. Physically, the strain has nugs in small size with a shape similar to grapes. It has hairs with the color of orange and the leaves are in the shade of olive which is very abundant in number.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Afghan H.A.?

The strain, Afghan H.A. has a great variety of flavors. It has a taste of fruity with spicy hints on the side. The sour and fresh pine taste of it will likewise be obvious as you smoke the strain. The earthy scent is very pleasing as it gives smooth fresh smoke. The effects of the strain can give a pleasant set of effects that will start from the feeling of euphoria and enhancement of creativity inside you. The calmness and relaxation that the strain can give will creep you out in the end.

What are the medical benefits of Afghan H.A.?

The Afghan H.A. strain has the ability to deal with any type of body discomforts such as persistent pain, an unexpected injury, ailment, and tension. It can also help those suffering from minor signs of depression. Some can benefit from this strain if you have conditions like headaches, serious migraines, therapy related to nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afghan H.A.

Despite the vast amount of positive effects that the strain can deliver, it also has adverse consequences it can offer like drying of the mouth and eyes. It could also trigger a minor level of anxiety which can only happen when consumed in large amounts.

How to Grow Afghan H.A.?

The Afghan H.A. cannabis strain can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. The strain is said to have easy to grow characteristics that are relatively favorable for beginner growers who admire growing the strain. Just with the right amount of lighting, water, and nutrients, the strain may not need much maintenance to put on just to get its full growth potential.

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