Afgooiest Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
283 grams per square meter 
Flowering Period
10 – 11 weeks 
Mediterranean and sunny
Growing Difficulty
Short - Medium
Earthy, pungent, woody

Where To Buy Afgooiest Marijuana Seeds

Afgooiest Marijuana Seeds Information

Exclusive Seeds’ Afgooiest marijuana strain is a blend that is equally balanced. It’s a century-long Afghan mashup that many enthusiasts swear by. Hash fans love these genes and in high demand, making this strain. Anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite can be treated. For daytime and evening use, the Afgooiest marijuana strain is fine.

What are the flavors and effects of Afgooiest?

The flavors of the Afgooiest flavor are earthy, pungent, and woody. You could be certain that your eyes begin to feel heavy, especially when you smoke a lot of this crop. Because of its decent body high, Afgooiest is a perfect night-time strain and is best when you don’t really have anything essential to do and have no heavy equipment to operate.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afgooiest?

This strain can also help severe insomniacs find sleep since it is very challenging after smoking to keep their eyelids open, making even for the most stubborn insomniac sleepy. Afgooiest can also support anyone who is dealing with depression and other mental health problems by having their moods more optimistic and lighter.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afgooiest

Afgooiest can cause other negative effects like minor dizziness, particularly when you are a smoker newbie. You might also end up consuming this simple strain with a pounding headache, with a risk of a mild case of nausea, which typically does not really last. You should be equipped for the secret power of this flower if you are an inexperienced client.

How to Grow Afgooiest?

Cultivators have an option to raise it outdoors or inside, but if they do, the plant needs to be under lots of light and provide its preferred climate, which is the Mediterranean.


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