ALTA Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
425 grams per square meter 
Flowering Period
9 - 11 weeks
Sunny and dry outdoor environment
Growing Difficulty
Lemon, citrus, sweet, tea, mint 

Where To Buy ALTA Marijuana Seeds

ALTA Marijuana Seeds Information

ALF # 5 is a subtle strain that has accumulated significant notoriety among users for its flavors and full-bodied impacts. Striking and tempting, a puff of its heavenly smoke improves one’s zest for life. Meanwhile, its sedating head-to-toe release repressed worry from the previous week or the day. 

Its lovely experience is incited by its relentless THC centralization of 15%. Even though it is not normal for the many body-slamming powerhouses sitting on the racks of the present dispensaries, it stays a mainstream decision as it avoids bad trip.

What are the flavors and effects of ALTA?

The flavors of ALTA are lemon, citrus, sweet, tea, and mint. ALTA is a definitive upbeat smoke and fills in as an extraordinary method to top off a taxing day, without surrendering to an overwhelming bodied, personality desensitizing high. This mixture is cerebral and can be delighted in following in some admirable people’s footsteps, yet besides, all alone, as it can make you feel progressively thoughtful and intelligent.

What are the Medical Benefits of ALTA?

Patients who experience the ill effects of depression also praise this strain for its methods for lessening their sentiments of general negativity and rousing them to think all the more plainly and decidedly. ALTA can decrease a throbbing painfulness for patients who experience the ill effects of interminable conditions, expanding their quality of life.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from ALTA

ALTA remains consistent with its legacy, even concerning its belongings. This hybrid will commonly make you feel dry-mouthed, with a waiting thirst that won’t go away. Once in a while, you may feel somewhat nervous and restless when smoking this strain, as it can feel substantial.

How to Grow ALTA?

ALTA can make generous yields, enchanting growers, and authorities all over the place. This strain is likewise very simple to think about, as it is generally uncomplicated as long as you keep it in a warm and bright spot and away from chilly climate or an excess of moistness.

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