Auto Astarta

Auto Astarta Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
22 %
500-550gram meter square
Flowering Period
7 - 9 weeks 
Warm and slightly arid environment
Growing Difficulty
100 - 130 centimeter
vanilla and berry

Where To Buy Auto Astarta Marijuana Seeds

Auto Astarta Marijuana Seeds Information

This strain has hues of light greenish and purplish with orange hairs which have crystal tipped-trichomes. This strain has only one available feminized seed and has whitish crystalline trichomes. It gives off hashish scent when its buds are broken.

 With its nostalgic High haze blended with old skunk aroma, this strain has great medicinal potency and was Created by cross-breeding G12 with Skunk number #14. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Auto Astarta?

This strain has a vanilla and berry flavours. It is known for its energizing, happy, relaxing, and uplifting effect that will help you get over any negative moods that may come your way. It has a euphoric effect and at the same time, helps in enhancing maximum concentration and will leave you with a creative mind. 

 What are the Medical Benefits of the Auto Astarta?

This hybrid strain is known to be very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, Asthma, pain, vomiting, anxiety, and movement disorder.patients suffering from pot chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting will value the medicinal value of this strain.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Astarta

This strain can cause dry mouth and dizziness, headache, dry-itchy eyes, fever, high blood, chronic anxiety, and Sleeplessness.

 How to Grow Auto Astarta? 

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors which is dependent on the soil and weather conditions. This strain requires good lighting and normal to average humidity and soil pH-level for optimal growth. Attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals, which reduce the maximum growth and yield of this strain.

 Daily Watering should be done to ensure keep the soil moisturized and fertilizer application can also be used to achieve the maximum yield of this strain. 

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