Auto Bob

Auto Bob Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
300 - 500 grams per square meter
Flowering Period
Sativa 40%, Indica 30%, Ruderalis 30%
Growing Difficulty
100 - 115 cm
Earthy, pine

Where To Buy Auto Bob Marijuana Seeds

Auto Bob Marijuana Seeds Information

It is an example of the new generation of auto strain. New auto-flowering strains are similar to photoperiod marijuana. The genetics of this strain is from the smelliest and trippiest Cuban Indica. Bob Marley Seeds combined it with Jamaican Sativa and a Ruderalis strain. This plant has some growing peculiarities as it is short with a lot of branches and it develops 4 to 6 colas. Its stature is of Indica trait, but there are protruding leaves, and tonic colas are on the Sativa side. 

It has a percentage of CBD that can be utilized for many ailments. It is best consumed in the evening and at night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Bob?

Its flavor is comprised of an earthy taste with piney notes. The effect is a mix of Sativa and Indica with the rush of euphoria, vigor, and confidence for thirty minutes. It will turn into a deep stone for 2 hours or more.

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Bob?

It’s advisable to have it in the evening or at night as it can provide a deep night’s sleep. It can lower blood pressure, and it’s a great anti-stress agent and muscle relaxant. It works as an anti-inflammatory because of its higher CBD percentage than expected.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Bob

This weed can leave red, itchy eyes and dry mouth to its users. 

How to grow Auto Bob?

It can flourish indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. All kinds of Low-stress Training are highly recommended for this strain. This method increases bud growth. It is resilient from cola rotting and molds and adaptable to heat. It’s easy to grow, so beginners can use this strain to grow their very first marijuana plant. 

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