Auto Critical X

Auto Critical X Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
350-450 g/m2 (Indoor), 30-80 g/plant (Outdoor)
Flowering Period
63 - 70 days
Warm and sunny mediterranean outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, spicy, skunk

Where To Buy Auto Critical X Marijuana Seeds

Auto Critical X Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Critical X cannabis strain by Panoramix Genetics is a programmed, equally adjusted half breed. It is a combination of Critical and Unknown Ruderalis cannabis strains. It mixes taste, simple support, quality, and flexibility, making for a very profitable genotype. This cannabis strain is reasonable for daytime and night use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Critical X?

It has a sample of impactful, sweet and hot flavors. Auto Critical X cannabis strain’s high is a strong harmony between potent joy and unobtrusive rapture, which mixes well with its tranquil, physical feeling of prosperity.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Critical X?

It is a compelling method to treat irritation. It is valuable for the treatment of joint agony, muscle fits, and headaches. It has likewise been prescribed to individuals who battle with disposition issues. This strain ought to likewise be considered for those experiencing sadness and sleep deprivation.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Critical X

The most well-known ones being that you may on occasion feel marginally got dried out, and it might leave you with a dry mouth and dry eyes. Now and again, you may encounter some gentle unsteadiness alongside parchedness; however, this doesn’t normally continue.

How to Grow Auto Critical X?

It is liberal in its yield, and is glad as long as it gets a great deal of sun and warmth, and is protected from stickiness and downpour. It is a moderately simple strain to develop, in any event, for apprentice cultivators.

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