Auto Diesel Skunko Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18oz / m2 (Indoor), 21oz / plant (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
63 - 70 days
Warm, cold, dry
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, citrus, fruity, sweet undertones

Where To Buy Auto Diesel Skunko Marijuana Seeds

Auto Diesel Skunko Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Diesel Skunko is a cannabis strain that is a product from a cross between Auto Diesel and Super Skunk strains with a number of favorable circumstances that make it extremely worth purchasing. This strain is low support, which is reasonable for a state that this strain is truly amateur well disposed of. Also, obviously, its phenomenal medicinal properties ought not to be left unmentioned, just as its wonderful unrivaled moderate fragrance during the blooming time frame.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Diesel Skunko?

Like its parent strain, it has a solid, sharp skunk smell and a hearty, skunky enhance. This weed instigates cerebral happiness pursued by solid body-mind unwinding and lounge chair lock. Prompts laughs and social connections elevate the state of mind.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Diesel Skunko?

It has been demonstrated to medicinally profit patients who experience the ill effects of significant levels of pressure and body torment brought about by the failure to physically loosen up. The Sativa/indica proportion is 35:65, making this a firmly physical strain that can help mitigate in essence torment, sleep deprivation, misery, and tension, just as regular pressure. It’s likewise successful at treating wretchedness and the absence of craving.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Diesel Skunko

Dry mouth and ragged looking eyes are progressively regular negative impacts. Distrustfulness, in some, is likewise a negative impact, normally powered by expending more than required. This can likewise prompt tipsy spells and uneasiness, and in progressively outrageous cases, transient hallucinations might be noted.

How to Grow Auto Diesel Skunko?

It is a moderately simple strain to develop, in any event, for beginner cultivators. It is a super strain likewise in light of the fact that it can withstand numerous natural conditions, making it a genuine breeze to oversee, without the dread of pervasions.

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