Auto Divine Purple

Auto Divine Purple Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15oz/ m2 (Indoor), 9oz/ plant (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
55 - 60 days
Dry outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Earthy, sweet, grape, berry, sandalwood

Where To Buy Auto Divine Purple Marijuana Seeds

Auto Divine Purple Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Divine Purple is the fifth era crossbreed from specific rearing between an original Purple Kush Autoflowering assortment and a world-class OG Kush phenotype. Specific reproducing has guaranteed Auto Divine Purple has deliberately saved the first sweet kush smell and the profound Purple shading that soaks her buds. Her buds will turn Purple in practically 100% of cases. It develops short and reduced delivering strong cola’s of bud with insignificant covering making her ideal for overhang, inside, constrained space, and prudent develops.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Divine Purple?

It has an exceptionally unique heartiness to it. Its taste is suggestive of sandalwood with a trace of sweet grapes, creating an uproar of flavors when smoked. It’s tart common flavor helps you to remember berries and other cold-atmosphere natural products, making it a sweet-tasting indica that is difficult to overlook. It is an intense and apparently everlasting daze like a mind-body dissolve. It will inspire you and afterward give rich lethargy that finishes in a sofa lock.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Divine Purple?

It mitigates pressure, quiets the brain, advances body unwinding, has solid pain-relieving properties, and assists with queasiness. Invigorates hunger, puts to rest.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Divine Purple

Reactions are the cottonmouth sensation and an instance of dry eyes. In some cases, an instance of lightheaded spells and cerebral pains can be seen when smoking this strain.

How to Grow Auto Divine Purple?

It very well may be become both inside and outside and can generally accomplish short tallness when completely developed. It can flourish in various settings, yet it is best kept someplace dry when outside.

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