Auto G14 Cartel

Auto G14 Cartel Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Medium (Indoor), 70-250G/PLANT (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
42-63 DAYS
Dry, even cool outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
40- 80cm
Sweet, spicy, herbs, bitter

Where To Buy Auto G14 Cartel Marijuana Seeds

Auto G14 Cartel Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto G14 Cartel cannabis strain is the outcome of crossbreeding the famous Lowryder and G13 Hash Plant with astounding attributes. This strain has solid hereditary qualities. It is an amazing Indica predominant crossover that has a place with the sort ‘G.’ almost all appraises it and grades it as A in evaluating this strain because of its superb flavor and outturns. The plant has a stature of around 40-80 cm and produces thick gaping buds that are silver-green shading.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto G14 Cartel?

An exemplary Indica fragrance describes it with sweet notes of flavors and herbs and a slight trace of Afghan hash. The smoke has a sample of Eastern desserts and flavors and interesting harshness in the persistent flavor. This cannabis strain’s high can be thoughtful and can recuperate clients in both personality and body. It will help balance out your nerves and loosen up muscles in its body impacts; however, it won’t make you lethargic.

What are the medical benefits of Auto G14 Cartel?

It creates a solid body and buzzing of the head that goes on for a long time. Its cerebral impacts are quieting and empowering. These impacts mold this strain that is ideal for treating wretchedness, stress, and tension. It relieves focus on nerves and delicately reduces the side effects of discouragement, making you feel tranquil and cheerful. You can likewise utilize it for restoring an assortment of torments, including spinal pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto G14 Cartel

Clients will undoubtedly encounter a dryness of the mouth, and some may likewise encounter redness or dryness of the eyes somewhat. Both, as a rule, leave with time be that as it may, if indications endure, bringing down a couple of glasses of water can rehydrate your body.

How to Grow Auto G14 Cartel?

It is really complain-liberate to move to settle on it an ideal decision as a strain for learners to develop. This strain is strong and can be developed anyplace, even in cooler atmospheres, a lot to the joy of producers in the more northern sides of the equator and their clients.

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