Auto Gagarin

Auto Gagarin Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400-500 g/m2 (Indoor), 500-600 g/m2 (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
65 - 70 days
Warm and sunny Mediterranean outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Chocolate, Coffee

Where To Buy Auto Gagarin Marijuana Seeds

Auto Gagarin Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Gagarin cannabis strain is an Indica prevailing cross breed by Bob Marley Seeds with establishes in Jamaica, Afghanistan, and Hawaii. It is a cross between Afghani, Jamaican, Hawaiian, and Unknown Ruderalis cannabis strains. It has THC levels that have arrived at stunning statures at 31%. Harvests are bounteous enough for business development. It can treat irritation, a sleeping disorder, stress, alarm assaults, and torment. Auto Gagarin cannabis strain is best for night use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Gagarin?

The flavor is sweet and chocolatey with notes of espresso. Auto Gagarin cannabis strain’s high is deliciously unwinding and tired with the capacity to draw out every single negative idea and supplant them with unadulterated joy.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Gagarin?

This strain is a grouped therapeutic strain recommended against a sleeping disorder, stress, alarm assaults, particular kinds of torment, and irritation. Fascinating and unfaltering strain, intended for the individuals who lean toward a decent knockdown from a little part of the staff. In moderate bits, it is utilized for tantric sex and yoga sessions, contemplation. A great painkiller. It brings down the pulse.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Gagarin

It will make you feel got dried out, with an instance of cotton-mouth, joined by dry and bothersome eyes, making you feel dried. It might cause other unfriendly impacts, for example, slight dazedness, particularly in the event that you are a beginner smoker.

How to Grow Auto Gagarin?

The state of Gagarin plants more takes after Indica with its ragged structure, while its dull green shading and fairly drawn-out leaves make you consider Sativa qualities. Much should be possible with cannabis preparation like SCRoG, LST, or FIM, some of the time nearly multiplying harvest rates. Cautious utilization of composts while the blossoming stage is prescribed.

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