Auto La Hostia Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19 - 20%
500g / m2 (Indoor), 80g / plant (Outdoor)
Flowering Period
60 to 70 Days
Growing Difficulty
Skunk, sweet

Where To Buy Auto La Hostia Marijuana Seeds

Auto La Hostia Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto La Hostia cannabis strain is a programmed, even cross breed by Weed Seeds with a moderate to high THC normal of 20%. Auto La Hostia cannabis strain is a hybrid of La Hostia and Unknown Ruderalis strains. It is anything but difficult to develop so amateur cultivators will be satisfied. It smells like an organic product with notes of skunk and a sweet finish. Auto La Hostia cannabis strain is useful for daytime and night utilization.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto La Hostia?

It is fruity with a trace of skunk. A sweet delayed flavor impression because of our mystery contact. Auto La Hostia cannabis strain’s high is a mix of warming rapture that begins marginally empowering yet completes on a substantially more unwinding, Indica prevailing note which isn’t soothing except if you over-devour insane sums.

What are the medical benefits of Auto La Hostia?

Its unobtrusive mental high oversees indications of constant pressure which, whenever left unattended, can prompt genuine emotional wellness issues like despondency or tension. Its calming buzz soothes the sharp, some of the time anguishing, torment brought about by the unexpected strong constrictions brought about by fits. Furthermore, as a characteristic tranquilizer, it upgrades the quality and amount of rest.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto La Hostia

Clients will no doubt experience a cottonmouth while utilizing this strain. Some may likewise encounter dry or red eyes somewhat.

How to Grow Auto La Hostia?

It is an extraordinary decision for learners hoping to set aside cash by developing the plant outside. All things considered, there are numerous cultivators that lean toward developing a clump inside for included security against vermin and temperature changes.

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