Auto Lavender Best

Auto Lavender Best Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 19%
400 g/m² (Indoor), 30-90 g/plant (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
70 - 80 days
Warm temperature
Growing Difficulty
50 - 120 cm
Lavender, sweet fruit, spicy

Where To Buy Auto Lavender Best Marijuana Seeds

Auto Lavender Best Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Lavender Best cannabis strain is an Indica predominant, programmed half and half by Bulk Seed Bank. Auto Lavender Best cannabis strain is a combination of Lavender and Lowryder #2 cannabis strains. It is fundamentally the same as the beginning al Lavender plant with a tall structure that develops vivaciously and contains thick fanning. Buds resemble a harvest time please, mixing specks of gold, gold, and tangerine. Flavors and smells of fragrant mint and rosemary float into your nose in the middle of pitch drops. Auto Lavender Best cannabis strain is best for night use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Lavender Best?

It has a smooth smoke that has a preference of both woody and much like lavender, with an unmistakably colorful lingering flavor that is additionally sweet and hot. Auto Lavender Best cannabis strain’s high is ideal for busting worry in the wake of a difficult day and loosening up, in a perfect world on the love seat in the event that any lounge chair lock inclinations dominate.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Lavender Best?

It is regularly utilized for the treatment of a variety of torment conditions, both minor and incessant. Another condition this strain has effectively demonstrated to be compelling against is that of ceaseless pressure. It has solid elevating properties as well, settling on it a perfect decision in the fight against temperament issues, for example, uneasiness and wretchedness. It is additionally a successful method for treating queasiness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Lavender Best

Its primary ones being the inclination of being dry combined with an impression of a dry mouth and dry and irritated eyes. Sometimes, this strain may instigate some mellow sentiments of suspicion, just as some dazedness and minor sentiments of tension.

How to Grow Auto Lavender Best?

It is a simple strain for even amateur producers to develop however is on the lower end of the range with regards to the amount it can yield during harvest.

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