Auto Lemon O Matic

Auto Lemon-O-Matic Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12oz/ m2 (Indoor), 16oz/ plant (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
49 - 70 days
Dry, even cool outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Buttery, Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Where To Buy Auto Lemon-O-Matic Marijuana Seeds

Auto Lemon-O-Matic Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Lemon-O-Matic cannabis strain was made from the posterity of a uniquely chosen oldskool skunk. This strain is a cross between Old School Skunk and Lowryder #2. Chosen for its lemon aroma and considerable yielding, this strain was then crossed with a unique Lowryder #2. Lemon-O-Matic is a short plant that grows quickly. The strain itself is generally simple to develop and creates a decent gather of bud that has a sharp fragrance of overripe lemons. This one is more about the completed article as opposed to the amount.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Lemon-O-Matic?

This strain has smoke that must be depicted as rich, and its breath out will possess a flavor like sweet pine, leaving a solid sharp lingering flavor in your mouth long after you have discharged its smoke. This cannabis strain’s high first starts with a light cerebral impact before laying itself into your bones that will invite sentiment of laziness and agreeable dispositions.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Lemon-O-Matic?

It is especially valuable for actuating a particular sort of unwinding in the individual, which permits the individual utilizing the strain to be soothed of any sort of stress the person in question may be encountering. The strain is likewise powerful for sentiments, for example, queasiness, which is the reason the individual utilizing it will have the option to expand their craving effectively.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Lemon-O-Matic

This strain is well on the way to make your mouth feel dry and your throat feels dried up, with maybe an additional vibe of dry and awkwardly bothersome eyes.

How to Grow Auto Lemon-O-Matic?

It is genuinely whine allowed to tend to, settling on it an ideal decision as a strain for fledglings to develop. This strain is strong and can be developed anyplace, even in cooler atmospheres, a lot to the joy of producers in the more northern sides of the equator and their clients.

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