Auto Low Viking XL

Auto Low Viking XL Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14% - 20%
15-30 gr. (Indoor), unknown (Outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
90 days
Warm and cool climate
Growing Difficulty
50 - 80 cm
Berry, Candy, Spicy, Sweet

Where To Buy Auto Low Viking XL Marijuana Seeds

Auto Low Viking XL Marijuana Seeds Information

Auto Low Viking XL is a programmed blooming ruderalis/indica/Sativa assortment from Norden Seeds and can be developed inside and outside where the female, auto-blossoming plants need ±90 days from the seedling to collect. Auto Low Viking XL cannabis strain’s high is, for the most part, cerebral and has been portrayed as an upward coming to “party Sativa” surge of vitality. It won’t back you off at all and advances inventiveness and efficiency. This strain is an incredible decision for the person who needs a weed that doesn’t back you off, this strain rather makes you innovative and is an ideal enhancement to the smoker’s working day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Low Viking XL?

This bud has an overly sweet berry treat season with a shockingly hot breathe out. It goes ahead quickly and solid, giving staggering help of muscle fits, nervousness, and a sleeping disorder. This hard-charging strain gives a surging body high that rapidly turns out to be profoundly calming.

What are the medical benefits of Auto Low Viking XL?

A loosening up body high comes straightaway, dropping you into the sofa and locking you there before completely making you float away into an enduring and absolutely serene rest that is free of any hurts or torments. On account of these overwhelming impacts and its high 14-20% normal THC level, Viking is said to be ideal for treating issues or muscle fits, incessant pressure or uneasiness, sleep deprivation, ceaseless agony, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Low Viking XL

This strain has unfriendly impacts of dry eyes and redness of eyes. At the point when taken a lot of it will likewise give you cerebral pain and mellow distrustfulness.

How to Grow Auto Low Viking XL?

The seeds are 100% auto-blossoming and feminized and can deal with hard and cold atmospheres phenomenally. It’s no issue for this plant to develop in northern atmospheres. We have developed the plant on a scope of 70° N and got pleasant outcomes!

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