Auto Pineapple Glue

Auto Pineapple Glue Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
700 to 900 grams for every square-meters
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
65 - 70 days
Warm and marginally dry condition
Growing Difficulty
Tropical-citrus sweet and fruity

Where To Buy Auto Pineapple Glue Marijuana Seeds

Auto Pineapple Glue Marijuana Seeds Information

The Auto Pineapple Glue strain began from the southern part of China. The leaves of this crossbreed are little to medium and look like pop-corn when cut and give off a pungent smell. This strain is an Indica dominant with thick and resinous buds. The leaves of this crossbreed have tones of yellow and green with a bristly orange pistil with a thick, clingy, and has whitish trichomes covering its flowers.

It has a sweet and blueberry aroma with a mixture of gentle Tart and a zesty homegrown undercurrent. The combustion of its buds will leave you a sour scent with a mild finishing of sweet scents.

What are the Flavor and Effects of the Auto Pineapple Glue?

This strain additionally helps in cerebral stimulation, and it will likewise make you think creatively logically, or pragmatically. The Auto Pineapple Glue strain has a tropical-citrus, sweet, and fruity flavor. It will leave you with the vitality for work as you feel more focused, Euphoric, and Relaxed. Don’t abuse this strain as it will leave you with sedation.

What is the medicinal benefit of the Auto Pineapple Glue?

It is therapeutically viable in the curing of depression, moderate pressure while. This strain is likewise prescribed for individuals experiencing extreme headaches and joint inflammation. The profound medicinal effects you will get from this strain helps in effectively managing constant aches, a sleeping disorder, insomnia (empowers you to have good and relaxed rest), and uneasiness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Auto Pineapple Glue

Admission of the Auto Pineapple Glue strain can cause dizziness, distrustfulness, and dry mouth. This strain can likewise cause dry-itchy eyes and cerebral pain when consumed in an abusive way.

How to Grow the Auto Pineapple Glue strain?

For the best development of this strain, good lighting and normal weather are required. Day by day observing to make sure the stain plant is free from the attacks of pests.

The indoor technique for development is utilized to get the best development and yield of this strain. Fertilizer might be applied to improve when the weather and soil are not with enough nutrients needed for the best yield of this strain.

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