Auto Triangle Kush

Auto Triangle Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16% to 19%
Flowering Period
55 days to 65 days 
Growing Difficulty
30 inches to 35 inches
Spicy Creamy Sour and Earthy

Where To Buy Auto Triangle Kush Marijuana Seeds

Auto Triangle Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

The Auto Triangle Kush is an auto-flowering cannabis strain result after crossing the Triangle Kush and Unknown Ruderalis marijuana strains. This evenly balanced marijuana us a great for morning or evening use, as long as you won’t need too much energy after, for this will keep you on the couch but not totally locked up, just a little dizzy.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Triangle Kush? 

Auto Triangle Kush has a great taste of spicy taste combined with creamy flavor and twist of sour and earthy herbs that goes will with its heavy-hitting energizing effects. This strain can start as very stimulating, inducing energy that can be helpful if you need creative ideas, but the euphoric happiness will slow down, and a feeling of calming but unfocused sense will start to kick in.

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Triangle Kush?

Auto Triangle Kush can be beneficial to mental relief, from depression, fatigue, and stress to reducing the feeling of anxiety. This may not totally vanish body pains but can somehow, give a relaxing effect on muscle and arthritis. If you have a moderate case of insomnia, this strain can also be your aid.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Triangle Kush?

Adverse effects of the Auto Triangle Kush are drying of the eyes and mouth. The dryness of the eyes if not reduced with eye drops will sometimes lead to eye pressure and itching

How to Grow Auto Triangle Kush? 

Auto Triangle Kush can be grown in any environment of your choice but to have a better yield but lower maintenance, try to grow this in hydroponics, and if opting for water as e medium, try to feed the cannabis with the right amount or lesser to prevent from burning.

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