Auto Viking Blue

Auto Viking Blue Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
21% to 22%
550 grams / m2 
Flowering Period
10 weeks to 12 week
Growing Difficulty
13 inches 
Sweet Berry and Citrus

Where To Buy Auto Viking Blue Marijuana Seeds

Auto Viking Blue Marijuana Seeds Information

Norden Seeds produced the Auto Viking Blue cannabis strain. This is an auto-flowering result of combining the famously sweet Blueberry and Unknown Ruderalis marijuana strains. This evenly balanced strain is quite good for any time of the day activity for it can make you accomplish things and very functional. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Viking Blue?

Auto Viking Blue is mostly berry flavor that will be very noticeable for its sweetness combined with citrus undertones. This cannabis will provide you with an amazing high that is quite a disturbingly fast and a great head rush, but still very uplifting that provokes a mind’s creativeness.  

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Viking Blue?

Therapeutic properties of the Auto Viking Blue are best to help for moderate conditions of chronic pain such as muscle spasms, arthritis and the same as well when dealing with anxiety and fatigue or stress.  Thus strain can also be very beneficial for simple cases of insomnia. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Viking Blue?

Auto Viking Blue has also side effects that will ruin the high, this strain induces dizzy and nausea and a slight headache during the session. And when it comes to after-effects you will feel a slight eye pressure

How to Grow Auto Viking Blue?

The Auto Viking Blue can be grown in both environments, and fortunately not a problem with mold and mildew which is good even for novice gardeners. To enhance more, this cannabis should be grown in a soil medium, for it retains the flavor and exceptionally best if paired with mulching.

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