AutoDuck Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
9% to 12%
35 grams / m2 indoor and 35 grams /plant outdoor
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
11 Weeks to 12 Weeks
Warm and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
50-120 cm
Fruity Pungent Sweet and Earthy

Where To Buy AutoDuck Marijuana Seeds

AutoDuck Marijuana Seeds Information

The AutoDuck is an auto-flowering balanced cannabis strain. This was the result after crossbreeding the famous Auto White Widow with the amazing and Frisian Duck.  AutoDuck is one of the most elusive but very high on potency auto-flowering hybrid produced and the best to describe to have a rich green in color.

What are the Flavor and Effects of AutoDuck? 

The strong fruity taste will be expected and the pungent sweetness of the AutoDuck. This strain will have a great effect as it helps you to be in a euphoric high that will relax your body. It has also a great boosting of your confidence and uplifting

What are the Medical Benefits of AutoDuck?

The AutoDuck is great for reducing symptoms that included in depression, fatigue, and stress as it reduces anxiety.  It is also a great relief for chronic pain, from constant migraines to severe headaches as well as arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from AutoDuck? 

Side effects of the AutoDuck are more on the drying of the mouth and drying of the eyes. During the high, you will feel overwhelming queasiness and slight paranoia.

How to Grow AutoDuck? 

AutoDuck is easy to grow strain but might need a little effort in cultivating them for this variety is susceptible to mold and mildews.  Though it can grow very well in the different environment it still needs a follow up such as pruning to have better ventilation. Some techniques included in growing it in a Screen of Green is such a way that maintenance is easier than plain. 

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