Avidekel Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
1% to 2%
12 to 16 ounces / m2 indoor and 12 ounces / plant outdoor
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
7 Weeks to 9 Weeks
Warm and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
Woody Pine Sweet and Nutty 

Where To Buy Avidekel Marijuana Seeds

Avidekel Marijuana Seeds Information

AVidekel is a Sativa leaning strain that has a higher CBD level than its THC.  This cannabis was created by the breeder at Tikun Olam. This is best for therapeutic purposes as well as for seekers of medicinal options aside from other marijuana. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of AVidekel? 

The flavors of the Avidekel are a hitting woody taste with pine combined with sweet and nutty hints. The major effects of this strain are quite relaxing and yet you will still feel much focused. As high gets hitting on you will feel the uplifting effects that will make you feel very happy and quite satisfied with what you feel

What are the Medical Benefits of AVidekel?

AVidekel is best suited to muscle spasms and chronic pain for its high CBD that rises from 15% to 18%. Even inflammation will be reduced as soon as you smoke this one. Depression stress and fatigue won’t be part of your discomforts anymore for it will be gone together with anxiety

Negative Effects You Can Expect from AVidekel? 

Simple drying of the mouth and eyes will just bug you out for a short time after using the AVidekel.

How to Grow AVidekel? 

Growing the AVidekel might be done with both environments but it will flourish better in warm or Mediterranean environments and develop well in a greenhouse. Aside from those ideas, putting it in a screen of green methods can also help a lot to have a higher yield and enhance its health without too much trouble.

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