Azure Rocket

Azure Rocket Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% to 24%
10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Flowering Period
9 to 10 weeks
Cool and dry climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, tropical, melon, berry, citrus

Where To Buy Azure Rocket Marijuana Seeds

Azure Rocket Marijuana Seeds Information

Azure Rocket is a hybrid strain that is automatic flowering cannabis and was bred by Afterthought. This is one of the flagship strains of the breeder which is also the first hybrid that was developed over 9 years ago to address a medical issue of a certain family member.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Azure Rocket?

Azure Rocket can fill the mouth with a sweet flavor and tangy blend of berry, blueberry, citrus, and melon. When exhaled, it can give a smooth smoke of leaves and can have an aftertaste of an evergreen flavor.

Users may feel euphoric with this cannabis. It can clear any distractions or doubts and it can replace it with good thoughts. It can also provide mental clarity for casual smokers which can provide fresh ideas and perspectives. It can also give an upbeat disposition and can make you feel motivated to finish your tasks with a total focus.

What are the medical benefits of Azure Rocket?

This marijuana can relieve any stress. It can also deliver a soothing euphoria that can calm the user’s mind and can uplift the mood. It can also manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions such as PTSD.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Azure Rocket

There are some adverse effects that you can get from this weed including cottonmouth and red eyes. The effects can be inevitable and it often goes away after several hours. If the adverse effects persist, the users may drink water during the day and alcoholic and caffeinated drinks must also be avoided.

How to Grow Azure Rocket?

Azure Rocket can be very easy to grow. It can grow tall and can look like a Sativa plant. It can have a single cola and a sturdy structure that can withstand several growth factors. It is perfect for beginner cultivators and can be cultivated in farms or gardens in the northern hemisphere.

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