B 52 Bomber

B-52 Bomber Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
8% to 15%
21 to 25 ounces per square meter
Flowering Period
8-10 weeks
Mediterranean climate
Growing Difficulty
Skunky, sweet, woody

Where To Buy B-52 Bomber Marijuana Seeds

B-52 Bomber Marijuana Seeds Information

B-52 Bomber is a type of Indica dominant strain that was created from a cross between the powerful and popular Big Bud X Skunk cannabis. This hybrid got its name from the B-52 jet plane.

What are the Flavor and Effects of B-52 Bomber?

The aroma of the B-52 Bomber carries over to its flavor. It does not give an overwhelming flavor which some people may not like. Also, it has a lingering aftertaste that can be sweet with some hint of wood.

When this weed is consumed, the user may feel a strong urge of an uplifting sensation that can be felt throughout the body. It can also induce users to feel happy and elated. The effects won’t stop there as the effects will start to creep throughout the body. Most users can also feel energetic with this strain.

What are the medical benefits of B-52 Bomber?

B-52 bomber can alleviate stress and depression. It can also blow away headaches. The combination of its body and mental effects can be effective to reduce stress, which makes it useful to treat depression.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from B-52 Bomber

This plant does not have a lot of side effects just like the other strain. The only negative effects you can feel with this cannabis is dry mouth and eyes. These conditions are typical when you consume cannabis.

How to Grow B-52 Bomber?

You can expect massive yields with the B-52 Bomber strain. The great thing about this weed is that it can strive well both indoors and outdoors.

B-52 Bomber can also grow well in a hydroponic setup and can adapt to the technique of Sea of Green.

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