B.F.G. (Aka: The Big Friendly Giant) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
2.6 OZ / FT 2
Flowering Period
63-70 days
Growing Difficulty
39 inches
Spicy, juicy

Where To Buy B.F.G. (Aka: The Big Friendly Giant) Marijuana Seeds

B.F.G. (Aka: The Big Friendly Giant) Marijuana Seeds Information

B.F.G aka The Big Friendly Giant is a cannabis strain which came from the JustFeminized.com. This is an even and balanced hybrid which can be large, hence the name of Big Friendly Giant cannabis.

The buds of this weed can be airy and compact. Amnesia and Cheese lover may not opt-out with this marijuana but everyone else does. The Big Friendly Giant cannabis strain is perfect for day and evening use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of B.F.G?

B.F.G has a juicy flavor and has a spicy finish.

This cannabis strain is completely balanced and can give a well-rounded effect that can affect the mood of the users. You may not feel euphoric nor sedated with this weed. Instead, its harmony is just right for the smokers.

What are the medical benefits of B.F.G?

B.F.G is very effective and beneficial as powerful painkillers and is considered to be one of the top choices for these kinds of ailments. Long-time sufferers of persistent and intense chronic pain such as muscle spasms and joint pain, period cramps and back pain, can benefit from this marijuana.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from B.F.G

This type of cannabis can be too much for those inexperienced users as it can be very potent and must be handled gingerly most especially for newbies. Users may feel a slight headache especially if you have used more than you can handle.

How to Grow B.F.G?

B.F.G is perfect for the outdoor environment, especially in a Mediterranean climate. It can be uncomplicated to grow and it can adapt to any type of growing medium. This can yield generously and is very resistant to any common parasites, pests, and molds.

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