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Badazz Rolex Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 grams per plant
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Sunny and Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
110 centimeters
Berry, Pine, and Spicy

Where To Buy Badazz Rolex Marijuana Seeds

Badazz Rolex Marijuana Seeds Information

Badazz Rolex is another hybrid strain that is recognized and added to the variation of Indica dominant cannabis as well as became popular because of the intense sedative possessions it has. This hybrid ganja was the outcome when Badazz OG Kush was pollinated to Rolex OG Kush. Both of these parent strains are Indica dominant that provides great characteristics and inherits them to Badazz Rolex. As such, this new hanja is the ideal cannabis for uncoiling the troubled mind and curbing agonizing pain.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Badazz Rolex?

A few minutes after inhalation, herbal taste similar to Kush enjoyably prickles the senses before gently changes to the delicate overtone of fruits and pine together with an acidic berry aftertaste. This ganja differentiates itself from other Indica strains with its unusual results. A few minutes after inhalation, an innovative mental buzz will appear quickly. This powerful and uplifting euphoria will fill in the feeling of stinging sensation and an active mental gush where the sedative will gently creep in. An hour after, users need to get ready because a whole physical stone will desert them feeling relaxed and satisfied as well as exhilarated in the same manner. With the help of its hefty sedative, this ganja is suggested for nighttime consumption because using this in the morning can hinder the function and efficiency of the users. It would be a meticulous provocation to become awake and complete the assignments when the body wants to relax or diverge to the dreamland.

What are the Medical Benefits of Badazz Rolex?

With the cannabinoid outline it has, this hybrid cannabis’ THC levels are great at mitigating physical and psychological illnesses. To wit, the anxiolytic and anti-depressant possessions of this ganja are efficacious in dealing with temper disorders like depression and anxiety. Simultaneously, the relaxing ability it has can naturally remove the repressed stress and fatigue after a long and tiring day. Also, their calming effect is a powerful solution for combatting insomnia. This ganja also possesses quick-acting and long-lasting analgesic possessions that can subdue any type of pain.

Negative Effects You can expect from Badazz Rolex

To note, no cannabis is free from any negative effects; using this cannabis can give slight discomfitures like dryness in the mouth and eyes as well as clement dizziness. If consumed beyond moderation, anxiety, and paranoia may also be developed. Because of that, users, especially the new ones, are highly advised to keep hydrated through the time they use this cannabis.

How to Grow Badazz Rolex? Info and Tips

This hybrid ganja attributes a short and robust build with small internodes between boughs. Because of its close-packed height, it is favorable for indoor and outdoor growing. Outdoors, this ganja prospers well in a warm Mediterranean climate with lots of sunshine as it can expand up to 110 centimeters. Its genetics supplies it with the inclination for strong growth. However, it is still preferable to apply hydroponics setting with the help of high standard 600W HPS if cultivated indoors because it can increase the level of improvement. Given 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, this ganja can provide a high number of yields. Utilizing some training and other methods like the SOG can also shorten the flowering period and grows the number of yields.

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