Banana Kush F10 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 30%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
Approximately 9 weeks 
Growing Difficulty

Where To Buy Banana Kush F10 Marijuana Seeds

Banana Kush F10 Marijuana Seeds Information

Banana Kush F10 is created by crossing the Banana Kush F9 with another Banana Kush F9. This strain will bring the goody effects on you when you are using it with the best care. Hence, this will unravel your self in new fun ways to enjoy this one.

 What are the Flavor and Effects of Banana Kush F10?

The flavor is unknown with this strain, but the assurance you can get is the banana flavor as it lives up to its name. Banana Kush F10 cannabis strain has a high potential or bound be too strong strain. In the beginning, there are strong mental and mystical influences and a deep trance and heavy mellowing body that will soon take over.

What are the Medical Benefits of Banana Kush F10?

This strain is best in battling chronic and severe stress as it allows you to say focused and on your phase despite the busy schedule you’ve had. Also, this is best as the anti-depressive effect. Furthermore, it can help combat chronic fatigue and muscle spasms. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banana Kush F10

The strain tends to make you feel dry or having thirsty mouth and may include dry and itchy eyes. When you smoke this bud, you may feel slightly paranoid, although this is something that seldom happens but really happens with too much use.

How to Grow Banana Kush F10?

This bud grows well in an indoor or outdoor setting. The choice is within yours. But, you must pick a setting where no pest could harm the plant, no drastic change in temperature could take away the plant’s life, and no elements could burn the best flavor and aroma

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