Banana Punch Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
7 to 8 weeks
Warm, Mediterranean, Dry
Growing Difficulty
Banana, Fruity, Spicy, Berries 

Where To Buy Banana Punch Marijuana Seeds

Banana Punch Marijuana Seeds Information

Banana Punch is a hybrid of sativa and indica strain that the origin is said to be unknown to many. The cannabis strain is the result of pairing the Banana OG strain with the Purple Punch strain. The combination of the two strains generated a Banana Punch strain which has a high quality that only experienced smokers could tolerate. Physically the Banana Punch strain has an appearance that ranges from green to purple. This also has pistil in orange color. It gives the cannabis strain its reputation of its own and the attractiveness for growers cultivating it. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Banana Punch?

Anticipate a scent of sweet banana flavor and a mixture of fruity and spicy that are fairly distinguishable. It has an interesting implication of banana mixed with berry. It also leaves a noticeable flavor similar to a strawberry and when exhaled, the blueberry hint will burst. Indeed, the pack of flavors and even will keep you wishing for more. Being a balanced variety of indica, the strain will give you the best of both worlds. It can generate an initial feeling of euphoria and you will notice that your mood is uplifted. It enhances your inner creativeness and provides refreshing buzz. This is accompanied by a very relaxing experience that is soothing and very calming. Every person who consumed this strain will keep on coming back for more. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Banana Punch?

The Banana Punch is utilized by several people to support relieve some signs and symptoms of persistent pains and other sorts of discomfort. However, for the majority, the enormous advantage of this strain is the entire bodily peace which takes your stress away leaving you with nothing but solitude. When the impacts begin to fade, you will feel tremendous hunger and for that, the Banana Punch is amazing in making you feel you have gained back your appetite cravings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banana Punch?

The Banana Punch will not only leave you thinking your mouth dry but it likewise has the likelihood to result in drying of the eyes. Basically, maintaining hydration enables comfort and regulation of the effects mentioned. Cannabis strain compared to most is suggested to be ingested in moderation and tolerable amounts. More than it may cause further adverse impacts. For the majority of consumers who opt for this strain as therapeutic means may instead encounter heightened anxiety level. 

How to Grow Banana Punch?

The Banana Punch can be nurtured and flourish either indoor or outdoor growing setting. As far as the growers are concerned, the growth and development of the strain are easy and manageable which can be favorable by beginner growers. With little effort and attention exerted, it can still provide and generate a favorable amount of harvest by the end of the cycle.

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