Bananas & Blow Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12 to 14 ounces/sqm (indoor); 14 ounces/plant (outdoor) 
Flowering Period
±63 days
Warm, Dry
Growing Difficulty
Skunk, sweet, banana

Where To Buy Bananas & Blow Marijuana Seeds

Bananas & Blow Marijuana Seeds Information

Bananas & Blow is a hybrid strain with indica and sativa genetics. The breeders from Alien Genetics were able to create an offspring with qualities and characteristics similar to its genetic lineage. This strain of cannabis was created from the cross-breeding of the two renowned and ever-popular Banana OG strain with the Sour Apple IBL strain. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bananas & Blow?

The cannabis strain Bananas & Blow has a great terpene profile with a very sweet and banana aroma. It also has an obvious appearance of a skunk smell. The effects of the Bananas & Blow strain provides a very relaxing and stimulating impact on the consumers. The feeling will be like laying in cloud nine which puts you in a state of euphoria. It also has a very happy mood and uplifts your vibe in an instant. It could also induce hunger the moment the strain’s effects wear off. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Bananas & Blow?

The Bananas & Blow strain can provide a wide variety of therapeutic benefits which is very favorable for people searching for relief from their unfavorable situations. It could help fight against stress, pain, and even sleeplessness. It could also induce happiness for people with depressive feelings and thoughts. It could even induce hunger for people suffering from different conditions like loss of appetite and eating problems. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bananas & Blow?

Anticipate experiencing some adverse effects when consuming the strain due to its potency and especially if the dosage you ingested has reached the limit of your personal tolerance. At regular dosage, it can generate drying of the mouth and eyes. However, once ingested more than the dosage, the manifestation of dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety will take place. 

How to Grow Bananas & Blow?

The cannabis strain Bananas & Blow can be thrived and cultivated either indoor or outdoor settings. Regardless of the limited amount of information provided by the breeders, the growers who have experienced cultivating this strain have reported that the Bananas & Blow strain is very much easy to grow which is very beneficial and advantageous among beginner growers.

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