Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat (Aka: Skunk #1) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18oz /m2
Flowering Period
8-9 weeks
Warm and sunny outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Pungent, skunk, herbal, earthy, spicy, sweet, sourĀ 

Where To Buy Baseball Bat (Aka: Skunk #1) Marijuana Seeds

Baseball Bat (Aka: Skunk #1) Marijuana Seeds Information

Baseball Bat, aka Skunk # 1, is a hybrid strain that has influenced marijuana on a global scale and is known to parent Skunk crosses ever since it bloomed in the year 1970s. This cannabis was bred by Sacred Seed Co with the use of diverse genetics which came from around the world.

What are the Flavor and Effects Baseball Bat?

This marijuana can provide a sweet herbal taste with a hint of herbal and sour, which stains on your lips when exhaled.

Baseball Bat can provide the user with a total relaxation from head to toe. Its effects can feel like having a brain massage, which can make you feel elated and euphoric, at the same time giggly for no reason. This weed is considered to be a social hybrid, as it can make you more talkative.

What are the Medical Benefits of Baseball Bat?

The potency of this cannabis is not overwhelming and can help chronic stress by allowing you to relax without making you feel heavy. It can also relieve depression and can allow the user to feel more positive and hopeful about the future and life in general. It can also eliminate negative thoughts.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Baseball Bat

This cannabis strain can make you feel dehydrated and parched, with dizziness, especially when you consume this weed in higher doses.

You can also feel itchy and dry eyes, which is usually because of the parched feeling. This weed can also make you feel paranoid.

How to Grow Baseball Bat? Some information and Tips

This plant is originally made to be cultivated indoors, but this plant can be hardy and, thus, suitable outdoors too. This strain can be resistant to mildew and molds, but it needs to be dried during the flowering stage as it can be more sensitive.

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